Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reaching Those with Addictions

The Church of the Nazarene in Suba, Colombia, is characterized by its passion to evangelize.  At a massive youth meeting, they showed the Jesus Film.  From that showing, the church formed a new cell group of 20 young people.  Their leader, Wander, is a reformed drug addict and is being used by God to rescue the lives of other addicted youth.  Please pray for Wander and for these new believers as they continue to minister to those lost to strongholds.

The Stupidest Thing to Do

My name is Victor and I am 26 years old. A year and a half ago I met the Lord through the Jesus Film ministry.  Unfortunately, I never followed through with my decision and everything in my life began to turn bad.  Although the brothers and sisters of the church tried to encourage me in my new faith, I was trapped in the ways of this world and followed my evil desires.  Every time I let God down, images of the Jesus Film came to my mind.  I saw Jesus dying on the cross for my sins.

One day I went to Quito with my wife to take care of some business matters.  We decided to visit my friends at the Jesus Film office.  When we met, I confessed to them that I had departed from the ways of the Lord and was desperate to renew my commitment to Jesus once again.  I needed God’s help.  There in the office, my wife and I bowed on our knees and made a decision to never again turn our backs on Jesus, our Savior.  I now realize the stupidest thing a person could ever do is turn their back on Jesus. I thank God for His mercy. God bless. 

Icing on the Cake

Carlos’ wife attended the local Church of the Nazarene on a regular basis and always spoke about the happiness she felt.  She especially enjoyed worshipping God in a different way than her traditional upbringing.  She invited Carolos to an upcoming anniversary celebration for the church.  He decided to check out these Christians.

As he sat in the service, his heart began to beat rapidly.  In the middle of the service, they showed a clip of the Jesus Film when Jesus was dying on the cross.  Carlos reflects, “This was like icing on the cake.  My heart bowed before the love of Christ.  Since that day, I’ve been attending the church with my entire family.  I could never leave Jesus for anyone or anything.  I thank God for saving me.”  Carlos and his family appear above.

With Love, Distance Doesn't Matter

Miguel, a 17-year-old, was new to the church.  One evening after a church serivce, he asked the Pastor to give him a ride home.  As they were driving, the pastor said, “I thought you lived near the church.”  Miguel responded, “No, I live in a red light district many miles away from the church.”  The pastor asked why he traveled so far and how many different buses he took to get to church.  Miguel informed him that not long ago his uncle invited him to a Jesus Film showing at the church.  Miguel continued, “When I arrived at the church to visit my uncle, I saw the film and accepted Jesus as my Savior.  Since that day, God has delivered me from many temptations and has given me a new found joy.  The distance doesn’t matter to me because I love Jesus and this church.  Here I found love and met my Savior Jesus.  Even though I have to catch three buses to get to church, I am the happiest person in the world.  Thanks be to God.”