Thursday, August 30, 2007

“My Heavenly Father, Best Friend, and Faithful Husband”

My name is Fanny and I am 49 years old. After being married for 16 years, my husband announced that he was in love with another woman. I wanted to kill myself, but a neighbor convinced me not to take my life. The situation caused my son to suffer and my character to change. I got sick and my doctor detected cancer.

During this trial, the Jesus Film team showed the movie near my house. I didn't go because I was so discouraged. Later a church was planted in my neighborhood as a result of the Jesus Film. They invited me to a Sunday service, and I'd never heard anybody speak like the preacher did that day. Since attending the church, things have been totally different in my life. I asked Jesus into my heart. I have forgiven my husband and feel my heart has been healed and cleansed by the blood of Christ. I spoke with the pastor about being a Sunday School teacher, and now I am in leadership training. God has been, is, and will be for all time, very Good. He is my Heavenly Father, Best Friend, and Faithful Husband. Amen.

“I am the happiest man in the world!”

My name is Juan Mendez, and I am 56 years old. A few years ago I had to retire so I began working with my wife in her business. However, I realized that our relationship was deteriorating. We lived in the same house but not as a married couple. I worked in her business all day while she went out with her friends. I became depressed and suicidal.

One day while I was working, two men entered the business with big smiles and invited me to see a movie at a neighbor’s house. Although I wasn’t a good friend of this neighbor, I went to his house. I began sharing my problems with him and we became friends. As the men patiently listened to me, I asked myself, “Did God send me here?” I had no doubts about this question after watching the beautiful film, especially when I asked Jesus to be my new King! I am now the happiest man in the world and I don't feel alone. I know that Jesus is with me all the time.

A Young Man Finds a Great Friend

One evening, when the Mount Sinai Church of the Nazarene projected the Jesus Film in their neighbor, a group of teen boys stood on the street corner making fun of the film. The pastor introduced himself to the group and told them he would like to be their friend. He also spoke directly to Alex who seemed to be the leader. Little by little the heckling diminished and the group began to watch the movie. At the end of the movie, the pastor told the group that they may want to leave because he was going to give an invitation to the crowd. Yet, when the pastor gave the call to accept Jesus, Alex was the first one to come forward. He looked like a bum, with earrings in his ears, nose, and mouth and with tattoos all over his body.

One month has past since this event, and Alex has been faithful to attend church. He even went with the youth group to an indigenous community to do missionary work. Alex testified, "Thank you pastor for presenting me to the best friend that I could ever have--Jesus! My life was in pieces and my home was hell. Now I have new hope, new family, new friends, and a new life.”