Friday, January 19, 2007

A Man Who Slept in a Coffin Finds Christ

This story has impacted us greatly. Cesar lived by himself and was a dirty beggar who sifted through garbage, looking for recyclables to sell. He lived in a cave, had a metal door, and slept in a cement coffin. He built his bed as a coffin because he always thought about his death. He commented, “I slept in a coffin because my life was like death. I never knew if I would live until the next morning. I was alone and wanted to have my place ready if I were to die.”

When Cesar attended a Jesus Film showing, the film impacted his life. Christ died for this drunken beggar regardless of his lifestyle. In his simple way, Cesar accepted Christ as his Savior and faithful friend. Today he doesn’t think about death, but about eternal life in Christ Jesus. Things in his cave have changed as well. He attends church services on a regular basis. Praise God!

A Boy Dies but His Family Is Saved!

We never know what God wants to do when we arrive in new areas with the Jesus Film. Recently, as we were preparing our equipment, we noticed that no one was watching us or was in the area where we were setting up. This is rare because normally when we are getting ready, there are many children nearby or at least a few adults asking us questions.

Later we learned that a teenager had died and a wake was being held in a house not far away. Thus, we decided to start the film much later than normal. When we finished the film around 11 p.m. the family of the boy who had died was watching the film. They were so broken-hearted that all of them accepted Jesus as their Savior. Now we have a new group meeting in this place and they are praising the Lord. He is the One who comforts us in our moments of pain.

God Prepares the Way

Adolfo Magua is a 55-year-old man who works as an assessor in a judicial office. He is a professional in matters of law. One afternoon the Jesus Film team was preparing to initiate a showing in a place called Llano Grande, Ecuador. Adolfo approached the team with tears in his eyes. He said, “I want to serve God in a special way and believe that God wants me to serve Him. I’ve been preparing myself for five years to serve but I don’t know where and in what type of ministry. Today is the day I want to start. I’d like your permission to work with the Jesus Film ministry in opening up this new church.” Through Adolfo, God met a definite need because a leader had not been appointed in this new area. Yet, God had already prepared this man’s heart. Glory be to God!