Thursday, December 07, 2006

A True Witness for the Great Jehovah

I am Jhony, a 23-year-old. For many years, I was a Jehovah Witness and wanted to do great things for God. One day I went to the street to preach along with some other JW friends. A man was passing out tracts and Christian publicity, and I thought he was part of our group. He smiled at me and said, “Hi, my brother.” I thought I knew him and wanted to go with him.

I was surprised to find out that he was an evangelical Christian. He invited me to see the Jesus Film. He was very passionate and I felt somewhat trapped. I began to walk with him, leaving my group. We began passing out invitations and I also helped them set up the Jesus Film equipment for the projection. But this isn’t all that happened. When the movie ended, everything in my life changed.

I was really impacted looking at the life of Jesus in the movie. This was totally different from what I had been taught. For years I thought Jesus was like Buddha or Muhammad. Yet, I realized that there was no other prophet like Jesus who saves us from our sins. I prayed a simple yet profound prayer. For the first time I asked the true God into my heart. Now I want to be a great witness for the true Jehovah who is doing great things in my life. I’m now part of the Jesus Film ministry in my church and I give glory to God for all of the wonderful changes.

Please Pray for Marcedes’ Family

After watching the Jesus Film in her neighborhood, Marcedes Morales, age 10, decided to visit the Nazarene church even though she went alone. At the end of the service she went to the altar and couldn’t stop crying. One of the leaders took her aside to counsel her and she shared her story. Two weeks earlier she had seen the Jesus Film and had given her heart to Christ. She said, “I really don’t need to go home because nobody is ever there. My mother isn’t around very much. My three siblings and I don't know our father. This bothers me a lot. If it wasn’t for my grandmother who sells newspapers in the street, we wouldn’t have anything to eat, so I don’t like to be around my home much.”

As Marcedes' maturity in Christ continues to grow, her testimony also grows. “I always wanted God to help me, but really didn’t know how to express myself. Yet, the day that I saw the Jesus Film, Christ came into my life. After that day I desired to meet with the brothers from the church. Although they invited me to come to church, I was afraid to go because I didn’t know what I’d say. Finally I went and I was surprised. It was as if they had known me for a long time. They gave me lots of love and attention. Today I am very happy to have a new family. I am learning how to pray. I’m praying for my mother and my brothers that they too can find God’s forgiveness and love.”

Another Church Plant as a Result of Jesus Film

God is leading us to open a new church on the coast of Ecuador. Cesar Recalde, 55 years old, received Jesus while watching the Jesus Film. In appreciation for what God had done in his life, he decided to donate some land (10 meters by 30 meters) to build a house of prayer. He testifies, “Because God has given me a new opportunity and made me new person, these are going to be the best days of my life. Because of my vices and drugs, I never married. I thought I would die alone, but today I want to live only for Jesus.”

Two Miracles in One

For fifteen years Rosita Rodrigues, age 67, suffered from sickness, leaving her crippled and unable to walk. Her son, a leader in a Jesus Film team in Ecuador, moved her into his house to take care of her. When he shared the gospel with her, she refused to listen and moved in with another relative. It bothered Rosita that her son was baptized in and was attending an evangelical church, leaving his childhood traditions.

One day, he called his mother to see how she was doing. She was in poor health and unable to leave her bed. Rosita said to him, “Son, please help me with a little money to purchase some medicines that I need.” He responded, “Sorry, Mom, I don’t have any money, but I can pray that God will heal you.” She consented to pray. After the prayer, he asked his mother if she would like to accept Jesus. She said “yes.” When Sunday arrived Rosita walked to church, thanking God for the miracle of salvation and the ability to walk again.

Today Rosita helps her son with the Jesus Film ministry. Four of her seven children have received Christ. She enjoys sharing with everyone the miracle-working power of God in her life.

An Empty Heart Now Overflows with the Love of Christ

My name is Dalva Rosero and I’m 20 years old. After leaving Estatal Hospital in Quito, Ecuador, for treatment of severe anemia, I was very confused. Because my parents never visited me in the hospital, I realized that they never wanted me as their daughter. Because I truly believed nobody loved me, I tried to commit suicide by overdosing on my medication but a nurse prevented it.

After I left the hospital alone, I went to my brothers’ house because I had nowhere else to go. They were having a party and my parents were there also. I realized that partying for them was more important than visiting me in the hospital. However, I stayed at the party and met a man and his wife. I didn’t know anything about them, but they appeared different. They were not drinking liquor like everyone else. I asked them who they were and they told me they were Christians. They spoke to me about God and about the church they attended on Sundays. After they left, I wished I had asked them where their church was located, but I didn’t. No one at the party knew either. All I knew was the first names of the family and that the church was located in north Quito.

Sunday arrived and my family went to another party, but I stayed home. After a while, I decided to go to north Quito, not knowing my exact destination. I got off the bus at one of the last stops and asked bystanders if they knew of a Christian church nearby and a couple named Bolivar and Hope. Then I realized I was right near the church and standing in the doorway was this couple. The Holy Spirit had guided me to the exact location!

When I walked up to them, they looked surprised to see me. They gave me a warm welcome. I felt I needed to ask God to forgive me of my sins and cried like a little baby. Bolivar and Hope guided me in a prayer of faith. I accepted Christ as my Savior and felt the loving arms of Jesus embrace me. The emptiness that I had due to the lack of love in my family was now filled with the overflowing love of Christ.

Now I am living with Bolivar and Hope, and I know that I belong to the family of God. I am also a part of the Jesus Film team. I am grateful because the church that God led me to was founded by the Jesus Film ministry. Amen.

Grace Now Abounds Where Sin Once Abounded!

Fabricio, an Ecuadorian teen involved with the Jesus Film ministry, had been praying for a particular family in his neighborhood. He asked the Lord to touch their hearts, believing that God could rise up a new group of believers and a Bible Study in that house. When Fabricio asked the family if he could show them the Jesus Film, they responded positively and also invited other family members over to view the movie. Every one that viewed the film responded to its message and received Jesus in their hearts. Now, every Thursday they host a Bible Study in their home and pray together.

Maritza Aldez, 32 years old, is very encouraged to have 14 people meeting on a regular basis in her home. She testified, “My life has changed dramatically since the Jesus Film arrived in my home. At first, I didn’t think it would really impact my life in a positive manner. Yet, now we actually have our own church right in our home. Before we had alcohol, cigarettes, and sinful music, but today things are different. Grace abounds where sin once abounded! We have been happy from the very first moment Christ entered our lives. Glory to God! Amen."