Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jesus Heals Attitudes, too!

As a child, Veronica was rarely happy. She thought marriage would fix her problems, but the opposite happened. Although she had a good husband, she knew the problem resided within her. She was bitter, continually complained, and knew she didn’t love her husband or 14-year-old son as she should.

One evening at work, someone invited Veronica to see a nearby Jesus Film showing. She responded emphatically, "NO!” Later, a lady returned with her friends to invite her again. They were very polite. She said, "OK, I'll go, but only for a moment because my husband is returning from his work." However, once she started watching the film, she forgot about everything. At the end of the movie, she prayed with the team members, asking Jesus to fill her heart with love. Veronica testified that she was thinking about talking to her husband about divorce that very evening. Instead, she ran home, gave him a big hug, and asked him to forgive her for all the harm she had caused. Her family could not believe what they were hearing until Veronica told them everything that had happened. She now knows that Jesus’ love allows her to love others. She faithfully attends the church and believes that her husband and son will soon attend with her. Please pray that her family will soon be saved and for Veronica as she grows in her faith.

Once Dead but Now Resurrected

When Jose Guadalupe was a boy, he attended church regularly with his parents. One day his father left the house to find employment in another country, never to return. When his mother remarried, his stepfather prevented Jose from attending church. As a result, he felt hatred and resentment towards his mother and stepfather. Jose concluded that God did not exist and withdrew from Christianity. He developed a personality problem, experienced problems in his studies, and lived a disoriented life. Although he eventually married, he was unhappy and his heart was empty.

One day a Jesus Film team arrived in his neighborhood and passed out invitations from house to house. His 10-year-old son, Santiago, pleaded with Jose to attend the showing. They decided to attend the film together. Jose felt that God was really speaking to him through the movie. At the end of the movie, he let down his pride and, with tears in his eyes, asked the Lord to forgive him. Now Jose and his entire family are following Jesus. He testifies that he was once dead but now has been resurrected. He is one of the happiest men in town and cannot help but speak about the wonderful miracle that God has done in his life.

To Seek and to Save Those Who Are Lost

Rosa suffered with loneliness her entire life. She had four failed marriages and four children—one from each marriage. She believed she wasn't worthy to be forgiven by neither God nor anyone else. Although she had a good job and good relations with her coworkers, she felt worse and worse. With deep emptiness in her heart, she considered taking her own life.

In the past, a group of brothers from the Church of the Nazarene began meeting in her neighborhood and invited her to see the Jesus Film. She rejected the offer, but let her children attend. A few days later, a friend invited her to a prayer meeting in a church and, to her surprise, it was the same church that her children attended. Rosa realized that God was reaching out to her. She no longer resisted the love of Jesus and humbled herself at Christ's feet. Now she and her four children participate in the Jesus Film ministry. They host a small prayer group in their home, and everyone in the neighborhood realizes that God has worked miraculously in this family. Praise God that Jesus is seeking out the lost through His Church.