Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Genuine Conversion

Many Catholics live in an Ecuadorian neighborhood called Sixth of February. When the Jesus Film team worked in this neighborhood, Magdalena approached a team member and said, “Please, I don't want to change my religion. I only want to know more about God." She was told that she didn't have to change her religion, and that they were only presenting Jesus as the Savior of the world. At the end of the film, she prayed and gave the team her contact information. She also shared that although she had always been religious she had always felt empty inside.

After several Jesus Film showings, the team started a discipleship class for new converts. Magdalena was the first one to arrive at this class. She asked, "Can I attend even though I am Catholic?" Of course, she was welcomed. After the class, she related the following to the team members: "I don't know what has happened. Ever since the night you helped me to pray, I feel totally different. Something beautiful has happened and I've never experienced this before. I do not want to lose that which is new in my heart. I am crazy for Jesus and I'm sharing my faith with my family. I know this isn't just a change of religion. God is alive! Finally I've discovered that which I've been looking for all of my life. Thank you Lord Jesus."

A Lost Son Is Found

A 4-year-old boy watched as the Jesus Film team set up their equipment. Although the team noticed him, they went on with their work. That evening after the showing, a woman named Mary responded to the invitation to accept Christ. She was crying uncontrollably. After trying to calm her down and praying for her, the team told her that God could help her with her problem no matter what it was. With desperation and anguish in her voice, Mary shared that 42 days earlier her only child, Johnny, disappeared and she didn’t know what had happened to him. As she described the little boy, the team members looked at one another in amazement. They knew that she was describing the boy they had seen earlier in the day when setting up their equipment. They began searching the neighborhood and found the little boy. He had been kidnapped by the uncle of Mary’s ex-husband. Mary shouted, “Thank you Jesus. You're alive! I praise You and give You thanks for helping me find my lost son.” She was overwhelmed with joy. Today Mary is a new sister in Christ and faithfully attends church. She has let go of all the burdens of the kidnapping and has forgiven the man who did this evil deed. Blessed be the name of Jesus!

Jesus Heals a Broken Heart

Monica was a stay-at-home mother because her husband, Mario, wouldn’t permit her to work outside of the house. Five years ago he left the family and moved to Spain to find work. However, he not only broke his promise to send money back to her but he married another woman in Spain. Heartbroken, Monica and her two children lived off the generosity of her mother and brothers. During this time she became a chain smoker as a means to feel good. However, she felt anything but happiness.

Life dramatically changed for Monica in March 2007 when she accepted Jesus as her Savior at the end of a Jesus Film showing. Since that time, God has performed a miracle in her life. She is working as a nurse’s assistant in a clinic and faithfully attends the Nazarene church with her children. People who knew her before say that she is a totally different person—sure of herself and full of joy. Jesus healed her broken heart. Monica says that Jesus is her new husband. Hallelujah!