Monday, July 10, 2006

“Gossiping” about the Love of Jesus

Otilia, a 47 years old woman of rough character, is a leader in her neighborhood. She owns a small restaurant where many of the local women gathered to gossip. Few people were immune from their mean-spirited comments.

Otilia hated Christians and said derogatory things about them, including her own mother. The local believers purposely avoided her restaurant; yet, two years ago, the church initiated a prayer plan for their neighborhood and especially for Otilia.

One day following a leg operation, Otilia needed to return to the hospital. She had no one to help her. It just so happened that the Jesus Film Team was in her neighborhood, heard about her situation, and brought her to the hospital as quickly as possible. On the way, Otilia cried softly. They waited for her until 1:00 a.m. until her husband finally arrived and the team drove them both home.

Upon arrival at the house the couple asked them, “How much do we owe you?” The Jesus Film members responded, “Nothing. It has been a pleasure to serve you. We’ve done this because we have the love of Jesus in our hearts.”

Otilia needed to go to the hospital on four other occasions and the district Jesus film team members drove her back and forth every time. All of this impacted Otilia greatly. To the surprise of all, she arrived at the church in her wheel chair asking them to help her to receive Jesus in her heart. Today she is one of the most faithful sisters in the church. She brings many of her gossiping lady friends and testifies, “I would rather gossip about the love of Jesus than others!” Glory to God.

A Child Points the Way

Carlitos, an 8-year-old boy, had lost all hope of continuing to attend school when his father abandoned him. Economic problems forced his mother to take a job washing clothes and cooking while Carlitos took care of his two younger brothers.

One day the Jesus Film presented the children’s version of the film in Carlitos’ neighborhood and he decided to place his tiny life into the hands of Christ. The leaders of the film visited Carlitos in his home the following day and saw the conditions in which his family was living. Someone in the church provided a different job for the mother which helped the family greatly. Thanks to the compassionate ministries of the church, Carlitos has returned to his school and all of the family attends church. Once again God used the Jesus Film Ministry to bless a hungry and hurting family.

The Jesus Film Bolsters New Work

Dimas started an evangelistic work in a neighborhood called El Inca in the capital city of Quito. Soon after, he had to leave the city but didn’t want to abandon his new group of believers. Hernán Cortez, leader of the Jesus Film, began pastoring this group. After showing the Jesus Film in this area, ten people accepted Christ as their Savior. Now there is a nucleus of a new church. About 20 people attend on Sundays and they are hoping to soon have a newly organized church.