Friday, January 29, 2010

A Decade of Blessings

The first church organized with the Jesus Film in Ecuador recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Pastor Rodrigo Olmedo continues to lead the San Francisco Church of the Nazarene.  The wonderful celebration included a great number of testimonies about transformed lives, healing of people who had no hope, new leaders, new daughter churches, and many more blessings.

Sometimes people say that it isn’t good to look behind at former things.  However, in this case, it is a different story.  After seeing the Jesus Film for the first time in this neighborhood, many people accepted Christ and put their faith in Him.  Now one can easily see how God has blessed this church over the years by His powerful hand.  After a few JF showings, and a few services held, a portable chapel was put on a newly purchased plot.  Later, a Work & Witness team from the Missouri District built a church.  Never did the church imagine that this would be the beginning of more than 50 churches that would be planted in Ecuador by means of the Jesus Film.  Glory to God!