Friday, June 23, 2006

Suicidal Man Finds Jesus

Gonzalo, nearly sixty years old, always disliked Evangelical Christians and everything they represented. Gonzalo was religious only on Sundays but during the week he was a violent man. In his home he treated his wife and children very harshly. He drank alcohol with his buddies and had extra marital affairs. Gonzalo believed this is what it meant to be a real man.

The Church of the Nazarene showed the Jesus Film on a Friday evening in the street near the house of Gonzalo. From the window of his house, Gonzalo watched the entire film from beginning to end. At the end of the movie, the leaders gave an invitation to anyone who wanted to pray. It was incredible. Gonzalo ran down from the second floor of his house and headed straight toward the people giving the invitation, saying, “Please help me. I want to have Jesus in my heart.” When the leaders asked him why he wanted to receive Christ, he replied, “This evening I was really depressed and I wanted to commit suicide. Yet, during the film I felt the love of Jesus, especially when I saw how Christ suffered for my sins. I felt God speak directly to my heart.”

Gonzalo was baptized and is faithfully attending church. The change in his life is so evident that many in his neighborhood look upon him in admiration. Glory be to God.

Church Unity Restored

Before the Jesus Film campaign came to San Juan de Calderón Church of the Nazarene, the church had suffered because of conflict between two families in the congregation. Both families had a lot of influence in the church and their problems brought disunity and discouragement to everyone. The pastor encouraged the church to pray, believing that the Lord would provide a spirit of unity in the congregation.

After viewing the Jesus Film, the disagreeing members put aside their resentments. Through the Holy Spirit, families forgave one another. Soon new people arrived at the church. Since the showing, the church which normally averaged forty people on Sundays now averages nearly one hundred. Their midweek meeting which averaged five or six is now running about forty. Thank God for the Jesus Film ministry which God used to bring unity and growth to the San Juan church.

The Prodigal Sister Returns!

Martina Vera, now 42 years old, rebelled and left her home when she was 19. Over the years her family searched for her without success. Many thought she had died. Twenty-five years later, her sister, Ana, received Jesus as her Savior. Ana had faith that her sister wasn’t dead. For nearly a year Ana prayed about the status and location of her sister.

Loreto Church of the Nazarene, located in the jungle of Ecuador, had shown the Jesus Film on different occasions. One evening Ana went to the Jesus Film showing without knowing that in the audience was her long lost sister! That night two miracles occurred—Ana found her sister and Martina accepted Christ as her Savior. Everyone at the showing noticed the happiness between the two. Since that day, Ana has been discipling her sister. Both give thanks to God and the Jesus Film ministry for the miracle of bringing them back together after twenty five years.