Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Woman Healed at Jesus Film Showing

Amanda PatiƱo has been a religious person all her life. As a young girl, she desired to be a nun; yet, circumstances prevented her from realizing her dream. In her adult years, she busied herself with religious activities. However, she felt empty deep within her heart. As time passed, she became depressed and frequently experienced headaches to the point of insanity. She contemplated suicide.

She sought religion in every form to assist her with her problem, but to no avail. Three years passed in which the depression was overwhelming. Then, one day the Jesus Film arrived in her small town, Junquillal.

During the night of the showing, Amanda once again had a severe headache. While watching the Jesus Film, God revealed His unconditional love toward her. She petitioned the Lord to save her, and if possible, to heal her. In that moment, she felt a peace come over her in a way which was radically different from all the other religious moments in her past. God touched her and she no longer felt any pain. It has been over a month now and Amanda gives praise to God that she has not had to purchase any medicine. She is testifying throughout her town of the One who performed this great miracle---Jesus.

God Uses the Jesus Film to Restore a Family

The Campamento Church showed the Jesus Film in a town where family problems and male chauvinism abound every day. The community, Pigua, is located on the north coast. The women are treated badly and marital infidelity is common.

Rafael and Olga Heredia along with their teenage son, Gabriel, experienced many troubles in their home. Unable to resolve their differences, the couple decided to separate. Gabriel stayed with his mother. Two years lapsed with little contact between Rafael and his family until one day they saw each other at a Jesus Film showing in the public plaza.

God used the movie to work supernaturally. At the end of the film during an invitation, both Rafael and Olga came forward. God changed their attitudes. Reconciliation replaced resentment. When Gabriel saw all that was taking place, he too came forward to receive Jesus. They are now some of the most faithful members in the church. Glory to God that destroyed families are being restored and healed through the Jesus Film ministry.