Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cell Group Flourishes after Film Showing

Barbara de Avila lives in Flor de Bastón, a small town located on the coast of Ecuador. When the Church of the Nazarene showed the Jesus Film in her town, Barbara came. She hungered for the Word of God and accepted Christ as her Savior following the film. Immediately she asked the pastor if she could hold Bible studies in her house. Now, every week a group of believers meet.

Juan, her husband, didn’t care for the study group and would leave the room when they arrived. He even threatened Barbara saying, “If you don’t terminate this study, I’m going to move out of the house.” Unwaveringly, she prayed with the church and sought to improve her testimony. One day, Juan felt trapped and couldn’t leave the room before the study started. Before they concluded, he heard the Word of God and accepted Christ as his Savior, asking his wife and children to forgive him.

Today, Barbara and Juan have one of the strongest cell groups in the church! They are serving the Lord in humility and with a newly found, heavenly joy in their hearts. Blessed be the name of Jesus!

Nazarenes Minister to Villagers among Devastation

Planada la Hermosa is a small population situated on the coast in the province of Manabí. During the past few months, this province has been inundated with heavy rains and flooding. Believers from the La Tablada Church of the Nazarene reached out to this remote community by offering social assistance. This also provided them an opportunity to show the Jesus Film on two occasions. By means of the film and their compassionate ministries, they were able to start a small group where twelve persons now meet on a regular basis. We have faith that very soon they will be able to raise up a new church to the glory of God.

The Hand of God Restores a Family

Manuela, a mother of three children, lives in a neighborhood called Rumihurco. Since the beginning of her marriage, she has had many problems with her husband who was very male chauvinist. He smoked, drank and often physically attacked her. After some time, he abandoned his wife and Manuela raised her children on her own.

She worked long hours to meet the needs of her family and often returned from work very late. One evening, on her way home, she noticed a movie was being shown in the plaza. She stayed until the end of the film. When the Jesus Film leader gave the invitation, Manuela was the first to accept Christ.

Since that night, her life has improved. She feels accepted by the church and her pastor. The joy of the Lord is in her face and she is living happily with her children. She has forgiven her husband and they are back together. The hand of God has greatly impacted this family. They are now faithful members in the new church plant in Rumihurco.