Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ex-Gang Member Now Small Group Leader

I am an ex-gang member. I thank God for the day that my girlfriend and I passed by a Jesus Film team as they were beginning to set up their equipment. At first I thought they were preparing for a concert. We purchased some candy and sat down to watch the movie. Once I became a Christian, I had to flee my neighborhood to avoid the repercussions. God led me to live with my mother and stepfather, preparing me for the day of my salvation. I am now married and have a son. I never want to return to the way I once was. I am now working and attending church. I am also leading a small group. May God never stop using the Jesus Film to reach new people.

Happiness in the Midst of Loss

The following testimony is from Jose: My wife attended a church where she converted to Christianity during a Jesus Film showing. From that day, a dramatic change took place in her life. The way she served others caught my attention. Yet, I still would not go to church with her.

One day we sat down after working all day on the farm and she said to me, “I’m not afraid to die because I know where I’m going. I am happy.” After a taking a deep breath, she told me not to worry about what she was about to tell me. She said, “Four months ago, I went to the doctor and they informed me that I had terminal cancer and no medicine could help me. For the past few months, I knew that I was going to die. I shared this with my mother who helped and encouraged me. Now you know and don’t worry, everything will be fine. What matters most to me is that you and our daughter go to church at the end of the month to see the Jesus Film movie.” Three days after she said those words, I had to take her to the hospital emergency room. Four days later she died. I reacted in desperation without knowing what to do.

Later I remembered her words when she said, “If I die, I’m going to go to heaven. I want you and our daughter to be there with me when you leave this earth.” Her words impacted me and I heeded them. When they showed the Jesus Film, I went to the church and I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I now understand the joy that my wife had in spite of her illness. I have happiness in the midst of my loss, but know that when I leave this earth I will be with her in heaven. God has blessed our lives.

A New Beginning

Sandra, a 14-year-old, watched the Jesus Film with her eyes fixed on the screen as the biblical images passed in front of her. When the invitation to accept Christ as her personal Savior was given, she began to cry. At one point, she put her hands on her chest as if she was having physical problems. Jesus Film counselors were concerned and offered her assistance because she appeared to be having significant chest pains. After conversing, Sandra admitted that she had been sexually abused by a relative that lived nearby. Today, Sandra lives in another city and attends a new church that is near her home. She testifies, “God saved me.”