Saturday, April 29, 2006

“Hellish” Business Transformed into a Godly Haven

Maria, a 60-year-old woman, was known in her town as the “bar lady” because she operated a liquor store and bar. Her business had a hellish reputation where rough people got drunk and fought.

The Church of the Nazarene presented the film in front of her bar. This particular night her bar didn’t have a lot of customers so she watched the movie from a distance. Because the film captured her attention, she closed the bar and watched the remaining of the film.

At the end of the presentation, she approached the leaders of the team and replied, “Friends, can you pray for me? I need Jesus in my life.” Since Maria received Jesus into her heart, she no longer sells alcohol and cigarettes. Her place of perdition is now transformed into a haven where people can hear about the love of Jesus. Glory be to God.

Christ Lives!

Near the city of Santo Domingo you'll find a small community called Christ Lives. Yet, this is only the name of the town; in reality, the borough ought to be called Satan Lives because of the wickedness of the inhabitants. Every day during a two-month period, the pastor from Tablada Church of the Nazarene visited this town with the purpose of sharing Christ. Little happened.

Discouraged, the pastor along with the Jesus Film coordinator decided to show the film inside homes due to the frequent and heavy rains during the rainy season which prevent public showings. After one month of prayer, she asked local residents to open up their houses to view the film. Miraculously, many consented. As a result, people have received Jesus.
Today, the pastor has a new group of believers and they are planning to start a new Nazarene Church plant. In addition, God has enabled them to organize a new medical team to assist the poor within the community. It appears now that in this town . . . Christ Lives!!!

Abundant Life through Christ

Maria José, a 16-year-old girl, comes from a home with many conflicts. In her short life she has tried to commit suicide twice. Maria lives in a neighborhood in the northern part of Quito. A Jesus Film team presented the movie for three consecutive days in a neighborhood called El Inca. They showed the film near the house of Maria and she decided to view the film every day.

Nothing really happened during the first viewing. She felt that Jesus spoke to her during the second viewing but wasn’t quite sure. But the third time, she couldn’t hold back any longer. With tears in her eyes, she came forward and asked Jesus to be Lord of her heart in front of all her friends.

Maria’s life has completely changed. Today she has a new reason to live. She has joined a newly formed group of Christians to worship God. She realizes the foolishness of taking her own life when in Jesus there is abundant life!