Monday, May 19, 2008

Jesus Gave Me My Life Back

Mariano de Jesus Sambarano, a 50-years-old father, was once happily married with four daughters.  Then he started to drink socially.  Little by little, he became addicted to alcohol and gambling.  He was oblivious to the pain he was causing his family until the day they left him.  Ten long years passed.  Although he felt guilty over what his life had become, he couldn’t stop drinking or gambling.  He tried to find happiness through other women, but that didn’t work either.  Committing suicide seemed to be the only solution.

One day, Gabriel, a friend and neighbor, invited him to a Church of the Nazarene in Santa Domingo, Ecuador.  Although Mariano didn’t know much about the church, he decided to go.  God began talking to him during the sermon, and he knew he’d found THE answer to his life’s problems.  Since then God has healed his wounds.  His second wife is helping him to grow spiritually and they are both a part of the Jesus Film crew in the church.  Glory to God!