Monday, December 17, 2007

What’s Happened Mom? You are Different

My name is Carmen Olmedo.  I am 55 years old and have been a widow for the past 16 years.  My only son has been a constant headache.  All of the money I earn supports both of us because he doesn’t work.  He spends most of his time just hanging out with his friends.  Not long ago he was placed in jail for fighting.  He felt he might as well end his life because life had little meaning for him.

One day a friend of mine from my teenage years called me to chat.  She was very kind and invited me to her home to talk.  I didn’t go on the day she invited me, but arrived on a Sunday in order to surprise her.  Because she was leaving to go to church, the surprise was on me.  She brought me with her.  I wasn’t very comfortable because she had to leave me alone while she went to teach Sunday School.

We sang songs to God, listened to the pastor’s sermon, prayed, and participated in communion.  They showed the Jesus Film, focusing on the crucifixion scene.  This really impacted me.  I fell to my knees at the altar, asked God to forgive my sins, and accepted Christ as my Savior.

Since then, things have changed dramatically in my life.  I believe that when Jesus enters a person’s heart, there is love.  Today I love God; I love myself, and love my son. My son asked me not long ago, “Mom, what’s happened to you? You are not the same; you are different.”  I am confident that very soon my son will arrive at the feet of Jesus. Thank be to Lord Jesus.