Friday, October 02, 2009

From the Streets to God’s House

Ines’ mother died when she was a child. Her only memory of this time is that she played with neighbors while the family took her mother to the cemetary. Then, when she was only 10 years old, her father was killed when a car hit him and left the scene. Her world turned upside-down. She quit going to school so that she could cook and clean for her older siblings. Her friends talked her into running away from home, and she lived on the streets until she was 16-years-old. Then, she returned home when she was ready to deliver a child.

Years later, with her husband and children, she moved to a new neighborhood. During Easter week, a church presented the Jesus Film, and she accepted Jesus in her heart. Now she attends and works in the local Church of the Nazarene, and she thanks God for allowing her to know Him and love Him. Praise God for a new life in Christ.